EH PROPERTY celebrated the auspicious Chinese New Year 2016 with an Open House at the Shang Garden Sales Gallery on Saturday 20 February.

An overwhelming crowd turned out even before the official starting time at 11am. That certainly was a happy problem.

The event from 11am till 3pm was filled with activities for all age groups and walks of life. From near and far, residents, well-wishers, customers as well as potential house buyers came to join the auspicious event.

The kids were absorbed with the clowns, balloons and other activities. The adults had the privilege to listen to a very interesting Feng Shui talk by the renowned Master David Koh. Everyone enjoyed the amazing acrobatic show on stage.

When the lions finally danced, it took the attention of everyone with the magnificient display of skills. The lions and the Choy San Yeh (God of Prosperity) added gaiety and blessings to a wonderful day at Shnag garden, Bukit Sarimban.